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I just like this picture….

Yeah, she thinks my sombrero's hot!

Incase you find your self saying ” Wow Sombrero’s, I want to know more” click here Sombrero’s

Mullet Lip Balm and more

So Minty!

Minty Frikkin Yeah!!!


Nod and grin!

Fresh and Magical!

Turn your speakers up!!!  Pure gold!!!! I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard….  (there is some adult language)

A Dramatic Reading of a Real Break-up letter!!!

sarahalfcracked (via HalfCracked)

Happy Labor Day!

Silly, giggly, ridiculous, beyond idiotic, funny….all sum up things I enjoy 🙂  I have a problem…I like to share the rediculous…and what better way than to begin here!  Over the years I've collected random bits of silly…so enjoy! One of my all time favorites: Binocular soccer … Read More

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