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Recently going to bed one night…settling in…all snuggled up and ready for dreamland…I hear 
: ” Wow your hot!” 
: Smiling in the dark and thinking… that was nice of him…impressive!

Reality or Turning point….

Husband: “Your skin is like a solar fare incinerating my flesh, heat waves are radiating from you, I can’t take it!  How are you not burning up?”
:  ” Well, your skin is cool and feels great!”  😀   
This is what I might have looked like –  ME

Anybody else sleeping next to a Solar Flare?

Do you have extra time?  No where to go? 

Try the impossible and let me know how far you get!


Silly, giggly, ridiculous, beyond idiotic, funny….all sum up things I enjoy 🙂

I have a problem…I like to share the rediculous…and what better way than to begin here!  Over the years I’ve collected random bits of silly…so enjoy!

One of my all time favorites:

Binocular soccer

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