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Enjoy!      Ways to feign productivity at work!

6) Take advantage of that stockpile of Post-Its in your desk – On one, write someone’s name and a phone number. On another, the name of a company and their main line. On yet another, in bold print, write out “DO NOT FORGET TO FAX PATTY THE PLANS!!!” Then stick them in random places around your desk / cubicle. You can go in so many different directions with this.

Do you have too many friends and not enough enemies?  What can you do about that? Let this step-by-step guide help you be the best!

How to Make Enemies

Now go make it a great Friday!!! 

YAY! It’s Monday!  You woke up late from your bender of a weekend…surely to bring on a case of “The Monday’s”… 

Lucky you!  You’ve made it to work this could be your way out:  
Case of the Monday’s 😦

the moon is watching….

Alright extra greatness!!!!


How to…

This could be offensive to some but I have to say … I had tears in my eyes!

How to…

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