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I’ve taken the liberty of putting your name into the drawing…..

For a Seven Night Cruise Around the Bay of Islands, on the ‘GypsyQueen’ Cruise Liner. All airfares, transfers, food and drinks inclusive; with dinner at the captain’s table as his personal guest.

Good luck, I hope you win!


Here is a picture from the brochure……..Dream Vacation


Nothing is too good for my friends or family!

Things I found funny today

In between other things that occupy my day I found these:






I find this guy’s site funny… however…my sense of humor might be perceived as a little twisted…so you could find the following VERY OFFENSIVE. 

There, you are warned and free to  enjoy or don’t enjoy:

“Using the magic 8 ball to answer emails”

“Yeah that’s not what I was looking for at all”

This is a fun site… 
Enjoy!      Ways to feign productivity at work!

6) Take advantage of that stockpile of Post-Its in your desk – On one, write someone’s name and a phone number. On another, the name of a company and their main line. On yet another, in bold print, write out “DO NOT FORGET TO FAX PATTY THE PLANS!!!” Then stick them in random places around your desk / cubicle. You can go in so many different directions with this.


I just like this picture….

Yeah, she thinks my sombrero's hot!

Incase you find your self saying ” Wow Sombrero’s, I want to know more” click here Sombrero’s

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