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Have you ever started to wake up…still in that state of dreaming…you begin to wiggle your toes and stretch out…only to realize you can’t move!  What’s going on! Why can’t I move!  

Slowly opening my eyes……

who is in my bed?

Coby all nestled, snug and snoring….

you can see my feet at the end....

Trapped in my bed…


I startled him and he snapped his head up…clearly distrubed!

Recently going to bed one night…settling in…all snuggled up and ready for dreamland…I hear 
: ” Wow your hot!” 
: Smiling in the dark and thinking… that was nice of him…impressive!

Reality or Turning point….

Husband: “Your skin is like a solar fare incinerating my flesh, heat waves are radiating from you, I can’t take it!  How are you not burning up?”
:  ” Well, your skin is cool and feels great!”  😀   
This is what I might have looked like –  ME

Anybody else sleeping next to a Solar Flare?

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